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The Healing Power of Sound

Sound as a form of vibration can favorably impact our bodies and minds in many ways. In this bi-weekly group, our intention will be to harness the healing power of sound to bring about balance, harmony, insight, spiritual connection, release of stuck emotions, mental calm, and  more, into our lives. Group 'toning', in which open vowel sounds are vocalized on the length of the elongated breath, will be a major vehicle for this work. An aesthetically beautiful and powerful experience, group toning truly demonstrates the enormous potential of sound as an important tool for mind-body health and well-being. 


Facilitator:  Shelley Snow, Ph.D., M.T.A., is a licensed psychotherapist, music therapist and the founder and director of The Dorian Centre. She has led workshops on sound internationally, and has recently completed a study of toning with neuroscientists at BRAMS, the International Laboratory for Brain, Music and Sound Research at McGill University and Université de Montréal.  

Start Date for next group:  Spring 2019        Stay tuned for details!


Location:  The Dorian Centre

To register:  or call (514) 688-0398.