Nos services

Psychotherapy - Psychotherapy can assist individuals in addressing a wide range of issues affecting how we feel about ourselves, how well we function in our daily lives in the realm of work and relationships, and our ability to find fulfillment and a sense of well-being.   More

Music Therapy –  Music Therapy utilizes the therapeutic tools of music and sound to facilitate positive change within clients.  A variety of approaches can be utilized, including music listening, imaging to music, expression and improvisation on a wide variety of instruments, work with the voice, toning, and song-writing.  These approaches are interwoven with verbal discussion, dialogue and reflection.  More

Sound Therapy - Sound Therapy is an approach that focuses on the use of vocal sounds (toning) as a form of energy work to release stress, and bring balance and harmony to the whole person.  This nurturing and relaxing process can gently release ‘stuck energy’ on many levels, and promote positive feelings of well-being. More

Tibetan Sound Healing – Tibetan bowls are ancient instruments, and the sound of Tibetan bowls is a deep and beautiful sound.  Effects can vary depending on the individual, but include relaxation, healing, meditation, or to gain mental clarity on an issue by tapping into a vast inner space of creativity and intuition.  More